Fight Energy Poverty

     “Access to modern forms of energy greatly improves the quality of life and increases the likelihood that children will complete schooling.”

Africa is by far the richest continent in renewable energy sources, including hydro, sun, wind and others, and the time is right for sound investment to ensure the right energy mix. The case for Africa is stronger than ever. Access to sustainable and modern energy services is a prerequisite for meeting basic human needs and for economic and social development across Africa.

Endelea energy

How we work on Energy

Endelea supports projects that help to exploit the available natural resources responsibly to provide clean affordable energy. This can be done through renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives, which provide community benefits and stimulate economic growth.


  • We provide support in the analysis of local needs an the selection of technology. We encourage local communities’ engagement in the whole process.


  • We bring solar energy to schools and local communities by funding small scale, well-planned and effectively implemented rural electrification projects.


  • We boost the adoption of innovative technologies – digitalization and storage – and take into account the threat of environmental damage.

Scope of Work

Clean Energy & Digitalisation

Africa is both the world’s least electrified continent and the most vulnerable to climate change. And yet the continent has the world’s fastest growing population. More than two thirds of the population of sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity. But electrification on the continent is still growing more slowly than anywhere else in the world, despite pledges to light up Africa in the next few decades. Therefore we invest in integrated or to be integrated solutions, such as:

  • Solar power production
  • Batteries and storage
  • Support to electrification projects
  • Training to develop new energy businesses
  • Revamp preowned solar panels