Clean Cooking Program

Endelea believes in a world where healthy energy is for everyone. Therefore we provide access to affordable clean cooking stoves and solar power for families in Uganda’s rural communities and refugee settings.


Household air pollution from traditional stoves and fuels causes more deaths annually (mostly women and children) than the combined death rate of malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS. The lack of access to clean cooking is a challenge that can no longer be ignored. In Northern Uganda, only 19% of households are connected to the power grid. The rapidly growing need for fuelwood and charcoal is the #1 cause of deforestation. The situation is problematic. About 900 km² of forest cover is lost annually, which leads to fuel wood scarcity in rural areas and increasing price levels of charcoal and fuel wood.


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The Ace One

Endelea is organising digital fundraising to deliver the ACE One energy systems directly to low income families in rural communities with average budget of EUR 60-120 per month.


The ACE One energy system is an integral energy solution for off-the-grid households in the developing world. The device uses a combination of thermal and electric generation to provide a clean, smokeless cooking experience. The solar-powered electricity it generates can also be used for lighting and phone charging.


The installations are produced by African Clean Energy (ACE) in Gulu, Northern Uganda. ACE is headquartered in Amsterdam and is a Certified B-Corp, which is a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance and legal accountability to balance purpose and profit.  ACE is committed to protecting the health and well-being of all families and to providing high quality products and services.


The whole infrastructure (stove, solar panel, battery and lightbulb) costs EUR 130 new and EUR 65 second hand. Fuel costs (pellets) are mostly subsidised by the production of carbon credits but the stoves also burn on biomass.