Project PRIME

The Theory of Change (ToC) is commonly understood as an articulation of how and why a given intervention will lead to specific and sustainable change. PRIME (Promoting Integrated Model for Sustainable Peace) is AYINET’s 5 years strategic development program that initiated in 2021. PRIME has been developed in the belief that more can be achieved for humanity by working as a collective to advocate and take actions to tackle global challenges at community levels.


In striving for a peaceful, fair and integrated world, where everyone can thrive, PRIME is designed to achieve dignity, equality and justice through the five action areas: Transitional Justice, Healthcare, Gender Equality, Youth Leadership Development and Telecare. With increasing urbanisation, rising technology, population growth, the impacts of COVID-19 reinforce once more the already existing economic vulnerability, income inequalities, access gaps and social protection problems among youth in urban settings. As most of them are employed in informal sectors, the program is intended to build urban and rural youth population income and revenue streams and nurture innovation and incubation of business start-ups. Endelea has been selected as an strategic partner within AYINET’s PRIME program for the areas of Education and Digitalisation.

Project Telecare

Advancing technology as a path towards national cohesion, peace and social uplift  –  Many young Africans have challenges such as feeling vulnerable, targeted, and disregarded by their governments, communities and families. Endelea and AYINET, the African Youth Initiative Network, are developing Telecare, a comprehensive long term program that includes the set up of a call center to support people with mental health issues and the implementation of SalesForce as CRM system within AYINET’s operations.


The timing is right for this digitalisation project. To mitigate the physical and psychological effects of the COVID pandemic, an emergency reponse is required as a first action around Mental Health and Youth Recovery. The project builds around awareness creation, remediation, reconciliation and conflict prevention during and following the pandemic. Telecare aims to realize a dignified community with minimised immediate human dangers by leveraging the community and existing technology.