Local Partners 


Endelea and AYINET, the African Youth Initiative Network, have established a partnership. Organisations will collaborate in the frame of a comprehensive long term program for educational development. This will be an inter-disciplinary education space and strategic modules for local grassroots youth (un-skilled and semi-skilled) to benefit from targeted skilling, practical innovation and mentorship for economic empowerment.

Many young Africans have challenges such as feeling vulnerable, targeted, and disregarded by their governments, communities and families. The program will equip conflict affected youth with hands-on, locally relevant skills to enhance their employability, nurture their entrepreneurial capacity, and support their reintegration into society, which eventually leads to stabilizing peace in the region.

The local context is changing fast, driven by the ‘Age of Technology’: While modernization has produced a dramatic expansion of knowledge across the globe, the benefits have not been distributed equally, especially for African people. The global wave of digital innovation and rapid advance into artificial intelligence, requires a new generation of young leaders in Africa willing to learn, adapt, and bridge the growing political, economic, social, and technological divides in order to help the continent keep pace with a quickly changing world. For more information, visit: https://ayinet.org