For businesses

Co – fund with Endelea


Endelea aims to inspire corporations and wealthy stakeholders to fund educational offerings and development projects in order to sustainably break the cycle of human and energy poverty and improve quality of living. We perform the following value added services to ensure a hassle-free, comprehensive solution to our corporate funders.


Donations or Project funding


  • We conduct a needs analysis for the project we want to sponsor.
  • We arrange delivery direct to the project and make sure the most urgent requirements are, within the budget available.
  • We work with local project developers. They connect qualified projects to our financial development funds. We do end-to end project follow up.
  • We are present in all contractual negotiations during project preparation, including  term sheets, contractual agreements with specialised advisory, or the fulfilment of conditions precedent.
  • We understand the importance to measure project success. We perform monitoring and evaluation to ensure a real impact of the investment on the project.
  • We look for dedicated Grants open for NGO’s and Operating Foundations applications.