Project Questlyft

Questlyft is a small Ugandan SaaS business (Software as a Service). The company has developed a digital platform that aims to promote officially accredited educational content and testing for young Ugandan students (aged 13 to 19 years) to increase chances of passing successfully national exams.


The educational content consists of instructor-led 20 mins video lessons and a discussion forum for teachers and students. Testing results allow to monitor progress on exam readiness. The focus is on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).


The cost of quality education is out of reach to many parents and guardians in low income countries. QuestLyft wants to increase opportunity to all students by providing access to their digital platform at social pricing. Although connectivity is often an issue, 98% of students have 2G and 78% have 3G internet coverage nationally and broad access to affordable smart devices.


Subscriptions amount to $7 monthly (or $0.3 daily) for full access to all content, which is way more affordable in comparison to $900+ annual fees at a quality school.

Questlyft significantly contributes to a number of SDG’s, with SDG 4 being the most direct one:  “Ensure quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.


Key benefits of the digital platform:


  • Providing supplementary content to existing learning institutions, helping learners fill in the gaps after classes and during holidays thus improving learner’s outcomes.


  • Give self-paced and underprivileged learners an opportunity to gain access to affordable quality learning content in one place.


The company was founded late 2020 and is still in pilot fase. Important founder investments were necessary to deliver the startup platform.  Going forward the company will scale up and develop partnerships with schools and universities. Digitalisation is the way forward but for local population there is still a mindshift to be done.


In collaboration with OVO, Endelea Foundation has given support to the development of a financial and operational monitoring tool for local management to steer the business.  Furthermore Endelea provides advise to Questlyft’s entrepreneurs in the areas of IT roadmap development and digital innovation.