Project MindLyfe

Uganda has a high prevalence of mental health conditions compared with other low- and middle-income countries.  In the country, mental, neurological and substance use disorders are a major public health burden. Depression, anxiety disorders, and elevated stress levels are the most common, sometimes leading to suicide attempts.


Endelea believes in a world where mental health is as important as physical health. Indeed, mental health and well-being must be ensured for all. Therefor Endelea provides IT and business coaching support to Ugandan digital startups that share the mental health purpose. Mindlyfe is such a great example.


Mindlyfe is a digital platform, a web and mobile app, that enables anyone to have professional therapy from anywhere and when needed. Mindlyfe is addressing the mental health stigma and inaccessability to professional therapy services.


Mindlyfe is a group of young, passionate self-driven youth with different professional backgrounds who came together to solve one of the most pressing problems that could happen to all of us, lack of mental wellbeing. They are striving to help each and every other human being live better by consciously taking care of one’s mental health.


The team is doing this by enabling anyone from anywhere and at anytime to access a professional therapist (Counselor, Clinic Psychologist or Psychiatrist). They work with licensed professional therapists to actualize this cause on the different parts of the African Continent.


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