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About Endelea

“We believe equitable education, inclusive communities and clean energy can create the sustainable development all children deserve.”

One realization that has come from the experiences of recent decades is that poverty is both a cause and an outcome of low educational enrolments. Sustainable and inclusive communities that provide qualitative educational services and solid mental support increase the likelihood that children will attend and complete schooling.

Endelea empowers local African communities through education, mental health and clean energy to become inclusive, self-sufficient and prosperous.

Education is a human right and a powerful driver of all kinds of development. But without good mental health, people feel unable or less able to carry out activities of daily living, including self-care, education, employment and participation in social life. A third prerequisite to long term development is energy. Access to modern forms of energy greatly improves the quality in rural communities. Breaking the cycle requires an unwavering long-term technological and digital investment.

Why Education, Mental Health and Clean Energy


the most powerful investment for a better future


the importance of structured emotional support



taking into account the threat of environmental damage

Sub-Saharan Africa

Today, Africa has the world’s largest population of young people.  According to the UN World’s Population Prospects, over 60% of Africa’s population is currently under 25. The continent has the opportunity to become one of the fastest growing areas in the world.

Yet, children go to primary schools that lack electricity, computers and good connectivity to digital resources. Education, Wellbeing and Clean Energy are the main drivers for Africa’s development. All areas that sit in the core of the community:

Education is critical for development and helps lay the foundations for social wellbeing, economic growth and security, gender equality and peace. Community wellbeing requires a comprehensive and coordinated response for mental health to support the interruption of negative cycles of poverty, violence, environmental degradation and mental disorders. Energy is the driver of any economic and social development through clean and community-based energy production and consumption systems.

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