Project Telecare

Telecare is AYINET’s digital innovation project, which aims at reducing human vulnerabilities and inequalities while promoting the culture of peace and justice.  To shape the future of peace and reconciliation, it’s necessary to invest in connectivity and bringing the offline society aboard. No one is left behind!


Africa and the political challenges  –  After decades of socio-political and natural mayhems, Africa remains entangled in recurring waves of economic and political predicaments. This has kept a majority of Africans struggling to emerge from the afflictions of poverty. Unlike other continents, Africa remains in the shadows with regards to technological innovations and adaptation, the root causes of which reside in social upheavals that remain persistently unaddressed; and exposing serious warning signs of possible escalation of indiscriminate human sufferings. The more pernicious the pre-existing inequitable access, the weaker the digital technologies and infrastructure, which in turn reinforces society’s struggle to introduce digital and cultural transformation.


AYINET – Since 15 years operational in Uganda – activities show that 1 out of 4 adults in Northern Uganda have unaddressed war effects and 1 out of 10 young people is suffering from serious mental health issues. Reality is that the majority of Africans are struggling to emerge from the afflictions of poverty. The continent remains seriously behind with regards to technological innovations, as a result from social upheavals that remain persistently unaddressed. Local communities show serious warning signs of possible escalation of indiscriminate human sufferings.


Advancing technology as a path towards national cohesion, peace and social uplift. Telecare aims to realize a dignified community with minimised immediate human dangers; by leveraging our community and existing technology; through simplified, localised, inclusive, distilled and improved socio – cultural and digital innovation capable of driving the full spectrum of sustainable development at all levels.


The four Telecare target realizations are: 

1° Setting up a call center that provides mental, psychological, medical and legal support to all kinds of victims and survivors of violations;

2° Implementing a CRM software package to capture and manage all client and case information;

3° Making available a digital library that provides tailored content to clients, partner organisations, social workers and volunteers.

4° Develop a long-term scale-out strategy across Africa.


Bridging the digital gaps – Aware of the pre-existing access gaps, digital divide, socio-economic and political inequalities, Telecare is a platform designed to be accessible by a vast community of simple cellular phones, smartphones, tablets and computers users. It is a digital innovation seeking to provide awareness, prevention, response and recovery in relation to health crises, Gender Based Violence (GBV), promotion of peace and youth leadership development.


Telecare will effectively bring on board the offline community that represents the majority of the population. This provides sufficient prospects to mitigate the harmful socio-political, cultural and economic practices that violate human rights such as female genital mutilation, political and social media control, marginalization, discrimination, civil wars, child-soldiers, human sacrifice, human trafficking and modern slavery.