About Endelea

“The world needs bolder change to reach the UN SDG’s and technology and digitalization are recognized as the main catalysts for inclusive and sustainable growth in Africa”

Endelea is a Belgium based non-profit and non-political organization that focusses on helping out disadvantaged people by promoting education and mental health espousing inclusive and sustainable principles. The foundation brings together a range of well selected sustainable projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, that have the ability to become self supportive after funding period.

“ We see the interconnectedness of global issues. In that space, we want to contribute our share. Therefor we choose a more systemic approach that includes education, (public) mental health and the development of digital capacity, rather than a limited intervention. The intersectional relationship between human wellbeing and economic and social development is “the underpinning of any success”, we believe. As philanthropists we take different risks than we were used to in the business, but we do so in a conscious way.  It’s critical for us to listen to those with expertise and first-hand experience on the issues we want to impact. That’s where Endelea’s trustees play an important role in their specific areas.  We want to execute our philanthropy activities with proper diligence in place and emphasis on sustainability. Our operating activities in Africa are socially accessible for everyone who wants to contribute or be part of our journey.”     –     Ilse Melotte, founder

An Integrated Strategy

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, provides 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries. Endelea Foundation commits to SDG 4 and 16.

Many SDGs are interconnected with each other and to Endelea an integrated approach implies maximising synergies and recognizing Digitalization as one of the biggest accelerators of our selected targets for Subsaharan Africa.

Endelea supports the link between educational outcomes, mental health and the quality of the environment, both within schools, local NGO’s and the surrounding community. Social suffering and inadequate educational resources have far-reaching adverse impacts. Education and digitalisation could lay the groundwork for the development of local, sustainable, commercial and industrial ecosystems.

Endelea Core Values

AUTHENTICITY – We are truthful and authentic in all interactions. We steep forward with humility, accept learning, adaptation and belonging. 

TRUST – We invest to inspire learning and deepen tolerance that transcend human divides. We believe in each other, in our objectives, in growth and in possibilities.

RESPECT – We commit to maintain respect with one’s self and each other regardless of culture, belief, personal abilities and preferences. 

IMPACT – We provide service with a view on outcome. We support inclusive leadership that let go barriers to progress.  

SUSTAINABILITY – We meet our project needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

TRANSPARENCY – We build trust through honest practices and transparent communication. We place professional responsibility above personal gain.

More Information

Endelea Foundation is a Belgium based operating charity with company number 0777.954.945.

Registered office:
Jan van Heelustraat 16a
B-3440 Zoutleeuw

Uganda Office:
Plot 11, Onapa Road,
Barogole Wigweng Quarters, Lira City West – P.O. Box 981, Lira

Email: contact@endelea.org
IBAN: BE 61 3632 1710 3117
Bank: ING Belgium