Fight Educational Poverty

     “Although it is a human right, poor education is a leading factor in continuing the cycle of poverty.”

It is widely accepted that most of Africa’s education and training programs suffer from low-quality teaching and learning, as well as inequalities and exclusion at all levels. Increasing the quality of education results in a growing economy, lowers income inequalities and decreases the risk of disease and violence.

How we work on Education

Education is a human right and a powerful driver of all kinds of development. Making smart and effective investments in people’s education is critical for developing the human capital that will end extreme poverty. Endelea works on education as follows:


  • We partner with educational organisations and governmental bodies to fulfill our main objective of assisting disadvantaged youth and communities by improving the standard of education in ICT, Maths, Science and Language.


  • We develop an inter-disciplinary education space for local grassroots youth (un-skilled and semi-skilled) to benefit from targeted skilling, practical innovation and mentorship for economic empowerment.

Scope of Work

Education & Digitalisation

To address the digital divide and the challenges that hamper access to quality education, we must think of inclusive and innovative ways of transferring knowledge and digital skills to young Africans in rural, underserved and marginalized areas. Indeed, digital inclusion must be at the centre of resetting education in Africa through:


  • the Endelea e-learning platform
  • educational methods and content (eg STEM)
  • ICT skill development
  • school infrastructure & equipment
  • revamp preowned computers