Endelea trip February 2022

Endelea’s 20 days mission in Uganda is coming to an end. Objective was to launch Telecare’s call center, which is operated by AYINET, an NGO committed to making peace and justice a reality for victims and survivors of war, with focus on:

  • Mental health
  • GBV response (rehabilitation and recovery)
  • Social protection (Youth and Children)
  • Peacebuilding (mediation and access to justice)


An extremely busy period but important milestones have been reached:

  • The call center is open and operational. Although still very small, front- middle- and back office processes are clear. Roles, responsibilities and scripts are documented. We are ready to handle incoming calls, mails, chats and texts.
  • The MVP of Telecare’s Salesforce is implemented, thanks to the incredible support of the consultants of Asugo Belgium – www.asugoconsulting.com . When user testing was finished, Ayinet’s team stood up and applauded for Asugo as a sign of deep respect and gratitude. The first free licenses were obtained via the Power of Us program of Salesforce.org.
  • Telecare’s digital brand material, all developed by It’sme Belgium – www.itsme.design  is finalized and ready for establishing online and offline Telecare’s new brand. Top quality material!
  • The call center is installed on Ayinet’s new office site: Although works aren’t yet finished and the team are facing many challenges like off time on power supply and lacking sufficient equipment and furniture, the foundations are made for the future which is a site of 100 to 50 meters with 5 separate infrastructures (offices and meeting rooms, reception, server room, facilities as showers and coffee corner, energy space for solar production and batteries etc.). More time and budget is required but Ayinet has a vision and Telecare Uganda has a home.
  • Looking forward to a long term collaboration, Ayinet and Endelea have signed an MoU that foresees next to the ambitious Telecare program, other digitalization projects in the educational, awareness and human rights space. Uganda is the pilot implementation, but the vision looks beyond Ugandas borders and an international growth agenda is being developed.


Last but not least, we want to express a big thanks to the amazing team at Ayinet including the staff of Facility Department for taking care of protection, cooking, driving etc. The celebration party was amazing, you have made this journey once again incredible.

Thanks Victor Ochen, you are the best and together Ayinet and Endelea will work on bridging the digital divide and giving technology a human face.

The visiting Endelea team: Ilse and Eline