Funding Lira Energy

Solar Power for AYINET’s new office


Ugandan NGO AYINET is finishing construction works of the new site. Structural foundations are made for the future. The site measures 100 to 50 meters and includes 5 separate infrastructures (offices and meeting rooms, reception, server room, facilities as showers and coffee corner, energy space for solar production and batteries etc).


The teams moved in early this year but are facing severe operational challenges due to frequent power outages. Besides for own operations, it is of fundamental importance to assure stable and reliable energy supply as AYINET is developing a community center with ICT hubs and learning space. Computers, kitchen appliances, etc will all work on renewable, auto-produced solar energy.


Endelea is looking for funding to develop more power production capacity in Lira, Uganda. For this specific project, we are searching partners willing to provide financial support or materials to further develop the project. All technical requirements have been defined,  including community needs.  Local installers have been selected.  They will take care of the installation works as well as operation and maintenance activities.


Total materials’ cost is estimated around 20 kEUR. Most important components are: 24 Solar Panels of 290 W, 24V – 2 Inverters of 5.0 kVa – 2 MPPT Controller 100 AH – 24  Batteries 200 AH.


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